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Workshop SGS 2016

Digital field data acquisition and data management

The Swiss Geological Survey swisstopo and the Swiss Geological Society (SGS) organised a workshop entitled «Digital Field Data Acquisition and Data Management», which took place on 13.10.2016. Presentations from the workshop are available in PDF format below.

  • Program
    Digital field data acquisition and data management workshop
    PDF, 1 Pages, 54 KB
  • Introduction
    Words of welcome and introduction to the workshop
    PDF, 9 Pages, 1 MB
  • ToolMap
    ToolMap: from conventional field maps to complex multi-layer GIS datasets – Nils Oesterling, Stefan Strasky (swisstopo)
    PDF, 12 Pages, 2 MB
  • Data models
    A Strategy for data management: data models & standards – Sabine Brodhag (swisstopo)
    PDF, 25 Pages, 7 MB
  • Data management
    Management of geological data @ swisstopo: current status and challenges – Roland Baumberger (swisstopo)
    PDF, 17 Pages, 2 MB
  • Accessing data
    Accessing data: and web services – Nils Oesterling (swisstopo)
    PDF, 13 Pages, 2 MB
  • Bridging scales
    Bridging satellite‐ to grain‐scale: structural mapping based on tablet and photogrammetry – Neil Mancktelow, Friedrich Hawemann, Giorgio Pennacchioni (ETH Zürich)
    PDF, 18 Pages, 4 MB
  • Problems of data acquisition
    Specific problems of digital field data acquisition in very remote areas – Nicholas Buchs, Jean-Luc Epard (Université de Lausanne)
    PDF, 20 Pages, 9 MB
  • Digital field data acquisition
    Digital data acquisition in the field: experience after 4 years of extensive use around the world – Thomas Dietler (Pöyry Schweiz AG)
    PDF, 13 Pages, 1 MB
  • FeldApp
    FeldApp: an offline mobile mapping solution for geolocalised field notes and survey forms – Nicholas Dawes, Christoph Suter (Geotest AG)
    PDF, 17 Pages, 4 MB