Resource monitoring

Statistical data on mineral resources, mineral or raw material industries and material cycles in Switzerland (qualitative, quantitative and economic) are collected and interpreted through resource monitoring

Example of statistics for iron ore deposits and iron smelting
Example of statistics for iron ore deposits and iron smelting in the Swiss Jura


The Swiss Geological Survey and the Swiss Geotechnical Commission (SGTK) started the Resource Monitoring project in 2010.

Foundation for trade and international exchange

The statistical data on mineral resources, the natural resource industries and material cycles in Switzerland can clarify the import, export and trade statistics (customs statistics, Federal Statistical Office, various industries).

The federal government, authorities, industry and other interest groups benefit from this data collection. At the same time, resource monitoring facilitates the exchange with international organizations such as:

  • EU Raw Material Initiative
  • British Geological Survey (BGS)
  • United States Geological Survey (USGS)

Statistics from the British Geological Survey on the imports and exports of mercury in Switzerland
Statistics from the British Geological Survey (BGS) on the imports and exports of mercury in Switzerland. The export surplus is due to the high local recycling rate.
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SGTK, under mandate from the federal government or at its own discretion, undertakes investigations that provide a more detailed knowledge of the subsurface geology of Switzerland with respect to the industrial exploitation of its minerals and rocks.  

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Detailed commodity statistics, also available as downloads. Amongst them the well-known ”World mineral statistics“ database and the ”European Mineral Statistics“ publication with many details on the Import/Export/Production, also for Switzerland. 

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Many well-researched articles on worldwide mineral resources, mineral economics and raw materials research, including the “Commodity Top News” report with facts, analyses and economic background information.

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Numerous statistics are listed under the heading “Commodity Statistics and Information“, arranged by mineral group and country.


The SGTK, since its establishment in 1899, has been publishing documentation, reports, databases and maps on mineral resources. Most statistical data are compiled and partly released by the industries in the rocks and soils sector as well as the mineral processing industry.


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