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Geology in everyday life

Geological topics are not only interesting for the civil engineer, scientist or resource expert. Geology affects many more areas of life than one thinks: also politics, health, culture, computer science or tourism.

Scene from the road transport
Whether metal, gasoline, building material and pollution, political or economic decisions – all this has to do with geology.


All of us are confronted daily – often unknowingly – confronted with geology: from the ground on which we live, past the concrete as part of a building’s foundation, to the copper in the mobile...


The system “rock – weathering – soil – vine – wine” is complex: climate and weather influence the quality of a wine – for the character however, the underlying rock, from which the vine obtains...


The risk of lung cancer increases when radon, a naturally occurring radioactive gas, accumulates in rooms. Based on recent scientific evidence, the Federal Council in 2011 adopted the “National...


Dimension stone as building material, utensils and carriers of messages are part of our culture: the oldest cultural artifacts are similarly from stone, just as the products of today’s artists or...

Geology in everyday life