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Geothermal energy

Geothermal energy – energy from the earth’s interior – is today already widely used in Switzerland. The potential for the future is enormous.

Leukerbad thermal baths
In the Leukerbad thermal baths, the pleasant forms of geothermal energy can also be experienced in Winter.
© Leukerbad tourism


In contrast to Iceland, there is no active volcanism in Switzerland. While in the island nation it is already boiling on the surface at many places, here you first encounter raised temperatures of around 200 °C only at a depth of about 5000 meters. Nevertheless, the use of emission-free geothermal energy in Switzerland is becoming more important and displays an enormous future potential. Thanks to the latest technologies, high temperatures are today no longer required to extract geothermal energy. In addition, it is technically possible to access and tap rock masses with high temperatures, even at great depths.

Use of geothermal energy in Switzerland

In Switzerland geothermal energy is used mostly for heating purposes by means of geothermal probes (downhole heat exchangers), groundwater wells and geostructures such as foundation piles or slurry walls. In the future, electricity should also be generated on a larger scale from deeper lying geothermal energy. 

Drilling to install a geothermal probe
Drilling to install a geothermal probe at a constuction site of a residential development
© Geothermal Explorers International Ltd, 2008

Who is who

The most important federal offices, universities and project pages on the topic of geothermal energy:

On its website, the SFOE provides general information on the topic of energy, with diverse details on renewable energy, including geothermal energy. 

The cantons usually grant the permits for geothermal energy projects. Here you will find links to the relevant cantonal authorities with information on the laws and regulations.

The website of the Schweizerischen Vereinigung für Geothermie (SVG-SSG) provides much in the way of general and specific information on the topic geothermal energy in Switzerland.

The website of the Agentur für erneuerbare Energien und Energieeffizienz (AEE) provides mainly links and fundamental information on the topic of renewable energies.

The CREGE website provides at lot of fundamental information on the subject of geothermal energy.

The Heat Pump Association of Switzerland FWS unites all important organizations and groups that promote the use of heat pumps.

As an independent federal competence center, the Swiss Geological Survey at swisstopo monitors the national geo-energy portfolio.

Swiss Competence Center for Deep Geothermal Energy


Information and regulations on geothermal energy is obtained from official and private sites. Associations and larger research projects also provide information.   

Search, view, consult and download a wealth of data relevant to geothermal energy.

The federal guideline document “Wärmenutzung aus Boden und Untergrund“ should harmonize the authorization process for geothermal probes, groundwater heat pumps, geothermal baskets and geothermal piles in Switzerland. In addition, the necessary protective measures, based on the Water Protection Act, are stipulated therein. The deep geothermal wells do not form part of the guidelines; their authorization must be individually considered. The guidelines are primarily aimed at the management authorities and professionals in the geothermal energy utilization field, but also at potential developers.

The SGPK has described the geothermal resources of the Swiss Plateau in two publications:

  • C. Baujard, S. Signorelli & T. Kohl. Atlas des ressources géothermiques de la Suisse. Domaine Sud-Ouest du Plateau Suisse, 2007.
  • S. Signorelli, T. Kohl. Geothermischer Ressourcenatlas der Nordschweiz. Gebiet des nördlichen Schweizer Mittellandes, 2007.

  • To the Swiss Geophysical Commission

The website offers exciting information on the geothermal project in St. Gallen.

Several times a week, the information portal Deep Geothermal Energy offers news from science, economy, technology, practice, politics as well as geothermal projects.


Deep geothermal projects in Switzerland

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