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Geothermal energy in Switzerland

01.08.2020 | Geothermie-Schweiz

Uses of geothermal energy
Different possible uses of geothermal energy (Graphic: S. Cattin, CREGE)


In Switzerland, geothermal energy is used mostly for heating purposes by means of geothermal probes, groundwater wells and geostructures. In the future, electricity should also be generated on a larger scale from deeper lying geothermal energy.

As part of its Energy Strategy 2050, the Federal Council implements its ideas on deep geothermal energy for electricity production. The cantons are responsible for supporting shallow geothermal energy. On August 12, 2020, the Federal Council reacted to the interpellation of National Councillor Matthias Samuel Jauslin «Do not endanger innovative geothermal electricity projects» and issued its statement.

Geothermie-Schweiz is the umbrella association of geothermal energy players in Switzerland and offers information and advice for the population, the authorities and the media.