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Regulations, guidelines and standards

Geologists are required to perform work according to professional standards that are defined in technical documentation, guidelines, acts and regulations.

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Technical documentation, directives, acts and ordinances

Clients and the general public expect perfect qualitative work from geologists. For that, they must know the current state of the science, working and research methods, laws, standards and directives.

This page provides links and content:

  • Technical documentation
    Instructions, implementation guides, directives, guidelines, practical assistance or basics
  • Acts and ordinances
    Federal and cantonal sets of rules, geotope protection and more links

The Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN) publicizes important technical documentation. Here are some examples:

The Swiss geological association CHGEOL prepares ad publishes relevant standards:

  • Geotechnical standards (German)
    List of the essential extracts from standards and ordinances for geotechnical work (August 2007).
    PDF, 6 Pages, 236 KB
  • Field chart CHGEOL
    Practical representation of the standardized description schemes for geological materials in the field.
    PDF, 2 Pages, 512 KB

The federal government, in accordance with Art.3 of the Federal Constitution, can only act in those areas in which it has been assigned the relevant authority. There are only a few provisions on the federal level in the field of geology and the subsurface. Geological themes are mostly regulated at cantonal level and reflect the respective conditions and historical development.

Canton Vaud

Canton Aargau

Canton Nidwalden

  • Obligatory referendums Art. 52 paragraph 6 : Use of the underground for exploitation, production and storage as well as their preparatory actions with exception of the use of groundwater and geothermal energy.

Compilation of references on the mineral and salt extraction rights of the cantons

You will find relevant points of contact for the cantons under WhoIsWho on the topic Mineral Rights (See link below).