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Geology lexicon

Numerous databases and lexica about geology can be found in the internet and in book form.

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At you will find a huge selection of links on the subject of minerals. It is worth a look!


You will find here a selection of the many existing internet databases and lexica about geology, rocks and minerals – several outstanding knowledge portals from the English speaking community are listed as well.


Specialist literature can easily be found using search engines. Hence, only a selection with a Swiss focus is offered here.

  • Mineralienlexikon der Schweiz
    Stalder, Wagner, Graeser und Stuker
    Wepf Verlag
    ISBN 3-85977-200-7

        The most comprehensive compilation of the Swiss minerals. A classic.

  • Minerals first discovered in Switzerland and minerals named after Swiss individuals
    Alles über die in der Schweiz entdeckten Mineralien. Englisch.
    Philippe Roth
    Im Eigenverlag
    ISBN 3-980-7561-8-1

  • Geologie der Alpen
    O. Adrian Pfiffner
    ISBN 978-3-8252-8416-9

        Not really a lexicon, but a compilation of the lexical scope of geological         knowledge of the Alps.