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Checklists for geological jobs

Checklists, sample table of contents, sample reports, job tools – such standards are provided as recommendations in different geological spheres. Following them complies with good professional practice.

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Checklists are an important means of quality assurance.

Project development from objective to evaluation

The problem and objective are to be defined and indicated in the project documentation (usually a report) before starting work. The procedure and applied method should be suitable for the problem and objective on hand. The documentation should contain a logical and comprehensible representation of the work as well as reasonable and unambiguous deductions, or indicate remaining uncertainties and propose further goal-oriented actions.

Depending on the problem and application, the scope and description of the geological project could vary. Regardless of the size, the following requirements should always be adhered to.

List details for:

  • Client (in some cases also the offer and order dates)
  • Names of the author / editor
  • Possibly details on accountability
  • Project phase

Furthermore note:

  • The problem and objective are defined and specified in the project work documentation (contract analysis).
  • The procedure and applied methods are suitable for the problem and objective on hand.
  • Current standards and directives are observed.
  • Performed work is listed.
  • Reference material is listed (reference list).
  • Procedures and results are presented logically and comprehensibly.
  • The presentation is clear and concise.
  • Study area and exploration or sampling points are clearly defined (coordinates, elevations, site plan with scale, orientation). Measuring protocols, sampling protocols etc. are enclosed.
  • Data and interpretations are clearly separated.
  • The work contains comprehensible, reasoned and unambiguous conclusions; if needed, it contains details on representativeness or risk analysis.
  • Controls (co-advisor, supervision) were performed and documented.

These points represent the general principles for the documentation of geological work. In any case, observing them does the geology good!

Checklists from the Swiss geology scene