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Diverse information provided compactly and simply – that is the requirement of the Geology Portal. Experience more e.g., about the geology of Switzerland, data models or software that simplifies the daily routine of geologists.

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Reference knowledge for various fields of geology

Geology lexicon

Numerous databases and lexica about geology can be found in the internet and in book form.

Overview of geological software

Geologists are dependent on support from numerous software applications for their daily work. Besides the classic Office applications, a multitude of specialized applications enable the useful...

Data models

In general, a model depicts the very complex reality. In order to enable this depiction, the reality must be generalized and idealized.

Regulations, guidelines and standards

Geologists are required to perform work according to professional standards that are defined in technical documentation, guidelines, acts and regulations.


Blogs, fora & portals

The websites listed below provide the opportunity to inform oneself and exchange ideas on topics from the field of geology, earth sciences, etc.