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Geological hiking trails

Geotourism develops, promotes and commercializes special geological landscape features. Professionals and lay people can experience and understand developments in earth science on geological trails, in geoparks, show caves, geotopes or at events such as “Erlebnis Geologie”.

Via GeoAlpina: Les Diablerets map
Via GeoAlpina: Part of the region Dent Blanche Les Diablerets
© swisstopo

Tourists and hikers should also be made aware of the origin of our countryside and of the secrets of the Earth. Geological hiking trail maps and guides are therefore created and hiking trails developed, from an earth scientific perspective, for selected regions where geological processes are visible and tangible.

The association «Erlebnis Geologie» has put together the geological hiking trails in Switzerland, with comprehensive information on guides, links and more. A cartographic representation of these trails has been developed in collaboration with swisstopo.

The “Via GeoAlpina” project was started in 2007 as part of the International Year of Planet Earth (IYPE) of the United Nations. The walking trail passes through the six Alpine countries of Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Slovenia and Switzerland. It runs from Trieste to Monaco along the mountain chain, with its outstanding natural wonders and cultural historical sites. Geological, geomorphological and hydrological aspects, natural hazards and exploitation of rock, are thematized in the process. In Switzerland, the route passes through three regions: Dent Blanche – Les Diableres, Meiringen – Adelboden and the Tectonic Arena Sardona.

Via GeoAlpina: overturned folds of the Dent de Morcles (VS)
Via GeoAlpina through the Dent Blanche - Les Diablerets region: overturned folds of the Dent de Morcles (VS).
© J. Masson


Geological hiking trails of Switzerland