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Experience Geology

For more geo-topics among the general public!

Experience Geology: «Behind the scene»

«Erlebnis Geologie» (Experience Geology) operates the interactive website, where the experience-oriented Geo-Events of Switzerland are currently available.

Whether excursions, guided tours, mine visits, hikes, exhibitions, geological trails, lectures - (almost) everything is available on the website. The search can be map-based, filtered by date, topics or other criteria. The input of Geo-Events is cost-free and easy. Since 2 years, «Erlebnis Geologie» has been working together with, Switzerland's largest event and media platform.

At «Erlebnis Geologie», Swiss geoscientists from, universities, museums, administration and industry offer the general public fascinating insights into their field of expertise and their knowledge of how many areas of the earth sciences affect all of our everyday lives.

It is only thanks to knowledge of the subsurface that drinking water can be obtained, geothermal energy can be exploited, buildings can be constructed and warning and protection systems against landslides and floods can be developed. The social need for security and the establishment of a sustainable relationship with the environment characterize the work of geoscientists.

The association thus actively promotes a public awareness of the importance of geoscience in our society. In addition, further-education workshops are organized for presenters of Geo-Events.

Example of a further-education workshop:


Postcards, mini map with Geo-Sites:


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