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Experience Geology

At the “Erlebnis Geologie“ (Experience Geology) events, Swiss geologists from universities, museums, public offices and private industry provide the general public with interesting insights into their areas of expertise. The knowledge of how many areas of geology influence our daily lives has been fascinating all visitors since the start of the event series in 2007.

The Erlebnis Geologie map
The "Erlebnis Geologie" event series offers fascinating insights into the world of geology.

The event “Erlebnis Geologie“ is organized by a society. It takes place every three years.

Next event: 2019

What does “Erlebnis Geologie“ want to achieve?

The participants should recognize the connections between geology and everyday certainties and in this way discover that the work of geologists is indispensable for our standard of living. Many people know little about the impressive history of the formation of our Earth. They do not realize that our natural resources in the ground are protected that we must handle resources intelligently.

The exciting Geo Events are a success story

“Erlebnis Geologie“ first took place on 1 & 2 June 2007 at various locations throughout Switzerland. The defining event in addition represented the official start of the Year of Planet Earth. The second implementation on 28 & 29 May 2010 was, as with the first event, a complete success with around 10,000 participants.

Partners of “Erlebnis Geologie“:

  • Swiss Academy of Sciences (SCNAT)
  • Swiss Geological Society (CHGEOL)
  • Federal Office of Topography (swisstopo)

The Geo events are made possible by numerous sponsors and donors.

Further information

  • Erlebnis Geologie map with geo-events
    Until the next “Erlebnis Geologie“ event, a map is available with around 70 constantly visitable geo events for those interested – this map could be produced thanks to the generous support of swisstopo.
  • Contact office “Erlebnis Geologie
    The map can also be ordered free of charge from the “Erlebnis Geologie“ office. (E-mail: