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Data viewers

Is the Evolène map sheet already printed? On what type of ground is my house standing? Can I find public borehole data there? You can find the answer to these and other questions in the two data viewers «» and «».

Search, view and download geological and geologically relevant data with the two federal data viewers.

2D federal geoportal

The federal geoportal offers a wide range of datasets for specialists, teachers, media professionals and interested amateurs. Clients have access to digital maps, images, vector data and online services. The geology-related datasets are grouped under the «Topic Geology» and can also be accessed directly at


3D subsurface viewer

3D-Modell is the new 3D subsurface data viewer. The web application places geological models in a geographical context and allows data from various topics and sources to be combined. Public boreholes with layer information, the temperature model of the Molasse Plateau, profile sections and earthquake locations can be visualised in three-dimensional form or reproduced and processed according to one's own interests.


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Not only for geologists


Which is more likely to happen for the coming Easter: hiding the Easter bunnies in the snow on the last ski tour or opening the hiking season with Easter eggs for the summit picnic? may not be able to predict the weather, but thanks to the search mask you can easily load maps and use them in 3D when planning your extended weekend. 


Generate Topo Profiles


Do you need a topografic profile for ...
... just seeing how steep your hike is going to be?
... creating a geological cross section?
... creating 3D models?
Use > Tools > Topo Profile > Draw line!
Download topo profile in .csv and .svg.

Best of Swiss Web Award

210512_LinkedIn_bestofswissweb_announced shortlisted for "Best of Swiss Web Award"! 
With the 3D subsurface viewer swisstopo and camptocamp applied for the "Best of Swiss Web Award" in the categories "Public affairs", "Innovation" and "Technology".
First round done! Looking forward to the next one.

Climbing mountains virtually


Afraid of climbing steep ridges and high mountains like shown here ? Climb it virtually, using!

And you even check which rock you are climbing… :-)

Tunnel, tunnel, tunnel,...


« s'Chileli vo Wasse » (Wassen church) located right between road (blue), railway (red) and water tunnel (light blue) in the Centre of Switzerland, close to the Gotthard Base Tunnel, the world’s longest railway tunnel in operation.

Discover the tunnel network in the subsurface of Switzerland here.

Annotate POIs, outcrops, etc.


Do you need to mark and annotate locations in 3D, like POIs, outcrops, project perimeters etc?

Use toolbox!

> In `Toolbox`, draw or upload geometry,
> start `Edit-mode`,
> fill in name, description, image-URL and website-URL and
> download geometry and share it.

Extended Slicing Function


The 3D open source viewer for subsurface data offers now extended slicing capabilities. Besides drillhole and cross-section slicing, we recently added interactive box slicing that allows to interrogate all the available data sets. More features to come, as inclined slicing planes, inverted slicing or slicing based on non-rectangular geometries.

Improved navigation tools


Controlled rise, tilt and turn in the camera configuration panel for a navigation performance as if you are sitting in a helicopter flying through the Alps. Move the camera icon on the new height slider on the right edge downwards and feel like you were Felix Baumgartner just continuing his jump below ground level. 

New design

220201_GoLive is now, and it looks different …
Have a look at the new design of the Swiss sub-surface viewer and explore 3D data and new functionallity!

Last Glacial Maximum


Summer is coming! Temperatures are rising more and more. Need to cool down?

Have a look at the huge glaciers of the Last Glacial Maximum in Switzerland here!

Flying through the subsurface


Fasten your seatbelts and prepare for take-off! Discover the keyboard navigation (lower right hand side) and enjoy your personal fly-through of Switzerland’s subsurface.
All you need is to practice and a screen-cast software. Enjoy your flight!

Download selected 3D geological data


Visualize and download selected 3D geological data, e.g. horizons, faults, etc., from, the 3D open source viewer for subsurface data.

Either define a rectangle in the toolbox and download your "personalized" dataset or download the nationwide data sets through the tooltip or layer info.

870 cross-sections online!


As of today, the 3D open source viewer for subsurface data offers 870 geological cross-sections for spatial visualization and download.

For the first time, all geological cross-sections of the Geological Atlas of Switzerland 1:25'000 (GA25) have been published nationwide in three dimensions (as images).

Recent earthquakes preview


Recent earthquakes (last 90 days), such as the one which occurred on Monday 15th 2021 are now visible on

> Select Data catalog > Natural hazards > Earthquakes
> Navigate to the earthquake of interest and click on it to get detailed information.


Milan Beres Dr. sc. nat.
Scientific Associate
swisstopo / Swiss Geological Survey
Seftigenstrasse 264
P.O. Box
3084 Wabern
+41 58 469 05 74


Milan Beres

Dr. sc. nat.
Scientific Associate
swisstopo / Swiss Geological Survey
Seftigenstrasse 264
P.O. Box
3084 Wabern