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Dimension stone as building material, utensils and carriers of messages are part of our culture: the oldest cultural artifacts are similarly from stone, just as the products of today’s artists or engineers (© Francis de Quervain).

Geothermal energy

Geothermal energy – energy from the earth’s interior – is today already widely used in Switzerland. The potential for the future is enormous (© Leukerbad Tourism).

Tectonics / Structural geology

Enormous forces have always been at work inside our Earth. They continuously deform the Earth’s crust and affect its structural composition. Tectonic maps show how Switzerland is geologically constructed (© swisstopo).

Experience Geology

At the "Erlebnis Geologie" (Experience Geology) events, Swiss geologists from universities, museums, public offices and private industry provide the general public with interesting insights into their areas of expertise.


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Geological Data Viewer

Geological maps, geophysical overview maps, geotechnical maps and further geologically relevant databases in a map view.

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