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Underground planning

The deep subsurface is being exploited more and more. In this domain, various experts are working on sustainable concepts that are based on geological knowledge. In addition, they are investigating where there is a need for regulations in order to avoid conflicts in the utilization (© Illustration Senger and Partner).

Geological cartography

Geological maps display a multitude of geologically relevant information in a concise manner. They are an important basis for geotechnical and environmental decisions (© swisstopo).

Rock and Wine

The system “rock – weathering – soil – vine – wine” is complex: climate and weather influence the quality of a wine – for the character however, the underlying rock, from which the vine obtains nutrients and water, also plays an important role (© FGS).


Groundwater is an important indigenous resource. It is a central element of the natural water cycle and feeds valuable habitats. An integral groundwater conservation is indispensable for conservation of groundwater resources.