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Geological hiking trails

Professionals and lay people can experience and understand developments in earth science on geological trails, in geoparks, show caves, geotopes or at events such as “Erlebnis Geologie” (© swisstopo).

Chaos im Untergrund - Fakten statt Mythen!

The future exploitation of the subsurface for the extraction of raw materials and energy, for the disposal of waste, for the building of infrastructures and for the withdrawal of groundwater are susceptible to social and political tensions (© Gestaltung Senger und Partner).


Geophysics deals with all of the Earth’s relevant physical phenomena. It includes various fields and can be subdivided according to research methods and their relevant applications (© CREALP-PNR 20).


The Glarus thrust is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Tectonic Arena Sardona (© IG Tektonikarena Sardona; Foto: Ruedi Homberger, Arosa).


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Geological maps, geophysical overview maps, geotechnical maps and further geologically relevant databases in a map view.

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