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Data models

The geology data model forms the foundation for national uniformly structured geological vector data sets. The borehole data model was developed as the first recommendation for structuring basic digital borehole data (© swisstopo).

Deep repository

n Switzerland, radioactive waste will in the future be disposed of in deep geological repositories. These are situated located several hundred meters below the surface of the Earth in geologically stable rock layers. Geodata documents the federal governments sectoral plan procedure (© Nagra).


Geotopes are natural geoscientific monuments worthy of protection: spatially constrained parts of the geosphere of geological, geomorphological or geo-ecological importance (© IG Tektonikarena Sardona; Foto: Ruedi Homberger, Arosa).

CO2 sequestration

With CO2 capture and sequestration, carbon dioxide is separated from combustion exhaust gases and subsequently indefinitely stored without using containers, in deep underground rock layers (© SFOE).


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