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Underground planning

The deep subsurface is being exploited more and more. The underground planning project group of the Swiss Association of Geologists (CHGEOL) is campaigning in this field for sustainable concepts which are based on geological knowledge (© CHGEOL, Illustration Ines Senger).


Groundwater is an important indigenous resource. It is a central element of the natural water cycle and feeds valuable habitats. An integral groundwater conservation is indispensable for conservation of groundwater resources.

Tectonics / Structural geology

Enormous forces have always been at work inside our Earth. They continuously deform the Earth’s crust and affect its structural composition. Tectonic maps show how Switzerland is geologically constructed (© swisstopo).


The rock mass must be described and investigated in detail for the professional project planning and execution of underground structures. Here geologists and engineers must work closely together (© AlpTransit Gotthard AG).


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